2014 Minutes - Dominica (English) (Spanish)

2013 Minutes - Quito, Ecuador (English) (Spanish)

2012 Minutes - Boston, Massachusetts (English) (Spanish)

2011 Minutes - Manila, Philippines (English) (Spanish)

2010 Minutes - Seattle, Washington, USA (English) (Spanish)

2009 Minutes - Cuernavaca, Mexico (English) (Spanish)

2008 Minutes - Wichita, Kansas (English) (Spanish)

2007 Minutes - Niagara Falls, Canada (English)

2006 Minutes - Houston, Texas

2005 Minutes - Cape Town, South Africa

2004 Minutes - Norfolk, Virginia

2003 Minutes - Arima, Trinidad

Note: Other meeting minutes may be available in our archives, please send a request to iet_icee@msn.com

Nota: Otros minutos de reunión pueden estar disponibles en nuestros archivos, por favor envíe una solicitud a iet_icee@msn.com

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